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Sharon Collinge


I can highly recommend Sharon as a counsellor. She has worked with my son for 16 months on a weekly basis, helping him to come to terms with many issues arising from his dyslexia and historical bullying. When he first started talking with Sharon, he wasn't sleeping, he was highly anxious and had gone from being the sunny little boy we knew and loved to being very angry and frustrated. Sharon offered confidentiality and a safe place for him to discuss his worries and the opportunity to build some coping strategies and talk through and rationalise his feelings. As a result, he is back to being the sunny boy we remember, his confidence has grown and he recently told me he didn't need any more sessions because he felt completely back to normal - Sharon's number will be going with me in case we need her again at any point but she has literally given me back my lovely boy - and I will always be grateful for her professional and caring support through this difficult time.

You are so kind and caring and have helped to make my battle easier to face. You are also great at challenging unrealistic beliefs and at pointing out my positive points (which I am often quick to overlook!)

You have said so much to me that has helped me challenge and rationalize my silly thoughts. A lot of your wise words have stuck with me, and keep pushing me forward! You're truly brilliant at your job, and I wouldn't be this far forward without your help, support and encouragment! Thank you!

Thank you for giving me space to talk when I was suffocating myself. Your positive and caring demeanour helped me feel less lonely and facilitated my forming stronger bonds in other relationships, which I now treasure. You are a brilliant psychologist and it has been really helpful working with you.

I really want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for all the support you gave me and help I achieved from you. I wouldn't be where I am today without your support and challenging, which helped me be more open about my eating disorder.

Just to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have taught me, I really will try to remember and use the knowledge, of how I see things, to keep a positive mind. Thank you for all the hours you have spent listening to me and unravelling my thoughts.

I would have to fell a rainforest to make enough paper to write all the thank yous I want to say. You have been amazing and so trustworthy.

Many, many thanks for your amazing support and teaching me to believe in myself.

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