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Counselling in Gerard’s Cross

Counselling in Gerard’s Cross

If you are one of the eight thousand or so people who live in or near Gerrards Cross, or perhaps work in the town, there might be occasions when you feel you would benefit from the help provided by a skilled counsellor.  I have a counselling practice, offering support to clients in a number of areas across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and more specifically in Gerrards Cross.  I am a qualified counselling psychologist, fully accredited by the British Psychological Society.

How might I be of help?

I have extensive experience working with clients, with a wide range of issues.  These include those suffering with depression or anxiety;  or people dealing with grief and the many other issues raised by a recent bereavement.  Other areas in which I work include eating disorders;  past or current bullying/abuse;  anger management issues;  as well as self-harm, sexuality issues, relationship issues, among many others.  My clinical hypnotherapy work covers a wide number of crucial areas including smoking, weight loss, insomnia, phobias and more.

Providing professional assistance in Gerrards Cross

As well as the more conventional face to face counselling, I can also offer telephone or online counselling.  The extra flexibility this offers may be more convenient, and can allow someone to commit more fully to the counselling process, who might otherwise struggle (eg mobility issues, work commitments, childcare, etc).  Also, anonymity might be a key concern for you, and remote communications ensure this, without making the process any less effective.

Bringing my experience to bear

I have been practising since 1997 and have an MSc in Counselling Psychology, I also have a wide range of other qualifications in Psychological Counselling, Clinical Hypnosis, Eating Disorders, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and other  areas.  I’m also a member of key professional organisations such as the Health & Care Professions Council, The British Psychological Society and more.  You can access full details of all my qualifications on the relevant page on this website.

How can I help you?

If you are seeking counselling in the Gerrards Cross area and feel you can benefit from my professional help, please call 07887 871769 for an obligation-free conversation.  Alternatively, if you prefer to take a little time and provide some details through the message box on my contact page, I will then contact you.

Staying safe at home doesn’t mean you can’t access support .... please contact me to discuss telephone counselling from the safety of your own home.

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