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There are many reasons why people seek counselling, and an increasingly common reason, with today’s more hectic lifestyles is stress/anxiety.  Counselling has been a successful option for many people who find themselves in difficulty, with it becoming increasingly more accessible, with the rise in popularity of telephone and online counselling services.  I am an experienced counselling psychologist, offering counselling services, throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and more specifically in Amersham.  I work with adults, students and children on an individual basis, covering a range of different issues eg. depression, stress, eating disorders, relationship issues, bereavement, bullying, self-harm and sexuality issues.

The decision to begin counselling is not always an easy one, and for many can feel quite daunting.  Sometimes, we don’t like to admit to needing help with emotional issues, or might worry about the stigma of not being able to cope, or just scared of opening up that ‘can of worms’.  Counselling from a qualified counsellor can help you to deal with these concerns, and after an initial introductory session, might make you feel more able to continue with the process.  Counselling is not a quick fix – but with sessions over a number of weeks many people report an improvement, both with how they are feeling, and their general attitude towards life.

If you are considering counselling there are three key questions you should ask yourself before you start:

  1. What are my expectations of counselling and what would I like to achieve (this could be seen as your goals in therapy)?
  2. How critical is my need for help? Try to be honest with yourself about your current position and thoughts.
  3. How committed am I to finding a solution? Counselling will require a commitment of several weeks, and can be hard work – people tend to get out, what they put into therapy.

It might be helpful to write the answers to these questions down before you attend your first counselling session.  However, there will be opportunity in the first session, to think about these answers if you are unsure – for instance, someone might not be sure what they want to achieve out of therapy, but at the very least, know they want to ‘feel’ differently.  A good counsellor is trained to deal with client insecurities and will put you at ease as soon as your sessions start, and help introduce you to the process.

If you don’t live in one of the areas that I currently practice from, or attending sessions for any other reason is problematic, I can also offer a telephone or Skype counselling option.  Counselling via phone or video calling is becoming increasingly popular because it can provide a level of flexibility and privacy that traditional counselling approaches might not be able to offer.  I am a qualified and professional counselling psychologist, who has been accredited by the British Psychological Society, and have much experience in counselling via different means.

Counselling won’t turn you into a new person overnight, neither is it a magic wand that will wave all your problems away.  However, it can help you to recognise opportunities and develop tools and strategies to help you to deal with past or current issues and manage future situations.

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Staying safe at home doesn’t mean you can’t access support .... please contact me to discuss telephone counselling from the safety of your own home.

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